Train Tesseract LSTM with make on Windows.

Train Tesseract LSTM with make on the github corresponding to the project is tesseract-ocr/testrain, the project uses the command line to implement LSTM training, powerful, simple and easy to use, but it only supports operation under Linux.In order for tesseract-ocr / tesstrain to run in Windows, I made some changes to the makefile and file

Install Cygwin on Win10 for makefile.

Cygwin is a UNIX-like simulation environment running on the windows platform that can interoperate with Windows, and Cygwin mounts Windows disks to/cygdrive, such as the c disk is /cygdrive/c, d disk is /cygdrive/d.Cygwin offers package management tools to install/uninstall packages on demand, and a minimal Cygwin system that can run requires only a few tens

Win10 Tesseract4.1 LSTM training.

This article documents two methods of win10 x64 Tesseract4.1 LSTM training, both belonging to Fine Tune.One is to use the word library to be trained, text2image, lstmtraining, and the other is the image to be trained, the other is the jTesBoxEditor slstmtraining.The main difference between the two methods of training is that the method of
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