Install Cygwin on Win10 for makefile

Cygwin is a UNIX-like simulation environment running on the windows platform that can interoperate with Windows, and Cygwin mounts Windows disks to/cygdrive, such as the c disk is /cygdrive/c, d disk is /cygdrive/d. Cygwin offers package management tools to install/uninstall packages on demand. I installed cygwin to run makefile in Win10, without additional functionality at the time, so this tip will document the process of installing the necessary tools to run makefile.

Environment description

1. Win10

2.Cygwin installation package download link setup-x86_64.exe.


Install and maintain Cygwin (

Cygwin installation tutorial.

Windows makes the environment variable modification effective without a restart.

Thanks to the original author for sharing.

Installation steps

1. Open the command-line window (WIN+R, enter cmd)

2. Enter the path where the setup-x86_64-exe is located, for example:

3. Run the setup-x86_64.exe with -no-admin and run, appear as follows, and jump out of the installation window.


4. Choose A Download Source – Install from the Internet.

5. Select Root Install Directory, sets the Cygwin installation path.

6. Select Local Package Directoty, sets the installation package local storage path.

7. Select Your Internet Connection ->Direct Connection.

Next, you’ll start downloading and jump out of the window below.

Mirror sites list.

Once you click OK, you can set the Download Site as needed.

Choose A Download Site.

8. After the following image window appear, select the component package that needs to be downloaded. Search the [wget], [make], [bc] in the search window separately, double-click “Skip” ,The “Skip” becomes the version number of the tool.Note that the name of the install package selected matches the full word with the wget/make/bc, such as searching for “make”, may appear imake, cmake, etc., and only select “make”.

Select Packages.

9. After the installation package selection is complete, the next step will appear a list of installation packages, confirming that wget/make/bc is in the list, and the other is the default installation content of cygwin.

Review and confirm changes.

10. When the installation is complete, the command line will appear as follows.The cygwin folder size is about 173M. The setup-x86_64.exe can be retained, and if you want to use other components later, you can add other components with the same steps.

11. Set the environment variable to make it effective.

Add the path of Cygwin\bin to the environment variable PATH. Usually, After you add or modify an environment variable, you need to restart the PC for it to take effect, or you can take it effect immediately by following these steps:

Open the command line prompt (cmd.exe) and enter:

Close the command-line prompt, open the command prompt again, and enter:

From the output, you can see that the environment variable take effect.

This article ends, thanks for reading and welcome to follow.


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